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The increase in atmospheric temperature correlates with the increase in carbon dioxide as should be expected, since 80% of the world’s energy is supplied by fossil fuels. It is the heat generated by the combustion of these carbonaceous fuels that is contributing to the rise in temperature. The carbon dioxide is just a harmless, no, beneficial by-product. The earth’s atmosphere is 5.3×1018 kilograms(1) .

Energy consumption in 2008 was 48.9×1016 BTUs. The possible rise in temperature was 0.140F. (as compared with the average rate of 0.040F for the period 1980-2000). Other factors such as thermal lag and the melting of glaciers kept the rise in check. The correspondence of temperature rise with heat emitted is much more plausible than the general statement that carbon dioxide causes global warming.

Carbon dioxide provides global cooling through photosynthesis.

Beside fossil fuels, nuclear and geothermal plants contribute twice as much total heat as their electrical production. All energy degrades to heat. The only temperature neutral processes are those which remove from the environment equal amounts of energy that are generated in usable form, such as solar, wind, biomass, and probably hydroelectric. Our country’s energy policy must address the need for self-sufficiency and financial stability by rapidly replacing imported with domestic supplies, while realizing most of these must eventually be replaced with temperature neutral processes

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